The Lemon Pipe hits like a freaking dream. Thank you so much for this super adorable, functional art!

The Boomerang is one of my most favorite smoking accessories that I’ve ever purchased!! Keeps my fingers clean & looks pretty!

Dropped by beloved Bubbler…but nothing happened! It’s totally fine! She’s beautiful, strong, & thriving!

My Fern Bubbler is pure art, super easy to clean, provides the smoothest/cleanest hits, and is tough too!

I am blown away by Flora’s perfection. The details in the body, smoothness of the bowl and slide function, and the perfect weight in my hand!!

I honestly can’t believe how smooth the One Hitter is. I also feel cute as hell smoking out of something so stylish!

The Stash Candle is honestly my favorite piece. So functional, so beautiful, and the scents are out of this world.