smoking accessories

We create smoking essentials with a touch of color, nature, and whimsy, formed and refined with our own hands. Our wares are for those tired of hiding pieces away. Let these beauties live on the coffee table. Blending art with function, Wandering Bud pieces can be left out in your home alongside your everyday essentials and décor. Our pieces are crafted by hand from porcelain, brushed with food-safe glaze, and painted with pearl or 22k gold luster. Slip our best-selling one-ie in your bag and take it with you while you wander.


ceramic pipes

Modern shapes that also function as coffee table art. The smoothest hits. Easy to clean.

one hitters

The original WB pipe. Petite and perfect for microdosing. Slip it in your bag to take with you while you wander.


jay holders

Because “roach clip” just sounds gross. Keeps your fingers burn-free and smelling fresh.

boomerang trays

We built a funnel into this tray to help you load a bowl without making a mess. It’s the accessory you never knew you needed and is a total game changer for your setup.



The Orb is the most functional and beautifully modern ashtray we know. Designed based on a collective wishlist we gathered from our customers, The Orb became an instant fan favorite at its launch in February 2021.


All the benefits of a water pipe without the need to hide it after each use. Prepare for the smoothest hit of your life, then top it with a flower for use as a bud vase.


hemp wicks

Because lighters are so five years ago and there is a better way.

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