tired of hiding your stash?

We got you. Upgrade to handmade ceramic smokeware that doubles as art for your home. Our ceramic pipes, bongs, and cannabis accessories pack the smoothest hits and are easy to clean. Made by our small team of artists in Kansas City, MO, USA.

worth every penny

The bubbler hits like a dream. Worth every penny.

easy to clean

One thing I've noticed is how much easier ceramic is to clean than glass. Holy hell.


Can attest to resiliency. Accidentally knocked mine off my nightstand and not a scratch. Very relieved!

pure art

Pure art, super easy to clean, the smoothest cleanest hits I've taken, and tough too!

designed for real life

Our pieces are specifically designed to solve the common problems smokers face. Mix and match our pipes, trays, and accessories for a smoking experience like none other.

A ceramic bong that smokes like a dream and complements interior design; this water pipe is handmade by a woman-owned studio in the USA. Flora is a purple ceramic water pipe that doubles as art in your home and pairs well with your favorite smoke accessories. Smoke your favorite bud from this ceramic bong in Lilac.

flora bong

Our showcase water pipe created from a vintage decanter. Flora truly blurs the line between smokeware and art sculpture.

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nebula pipes

We intentionally designed this abstract shape to feel comfortable in the hand for both right and left handed people

luna pipe

Harness the power of the moon with every puff. This classic piece is in style every season.

bask in the moonlight

meet nelle

where woodworking meets ceramic arts

pearl billie

You can make the whole place *shimmer* with Billie's pearlescent glaze. Just a touch of magic on this smooth-hitting bubbler.


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