wandering bud

is a ceramic design and production studio that focuses on bringing highly aesthetic smokeware into the home. Made by hand for the design-conscious cannabis consumer, our ceramic wares compliment home decor, hit like a dream and clean easily.

our story

Founded in 2016 by Riley Brain, Wandering Bud began after an unsuccessful search for a pipe or bong that could be seamlessly displayed alongside art objects in her home. During Riley’s time away from her job as a teacher, she formed pipes from clay in her basement. Nearly six years later, Wandering Bud has grown into an internationally-recognized brand that employs a small team of artists in Kansas City, Missouri.

social justice

At Wandering Bud, we strive to bring beauty and intention to your ritual through thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and education.

While we legally operate a business in the cannabis-adjacent space, people (predominately Black) continue to be incarcerated for small weed-related crimes. The stigma and criminalization of cannabis is largely due to its racist roots, dating back to the early 1900s. To obtain a better understanding, we recommend reading this article and watching the documentary Grass is Greener on Netflix. These resources will help you gain a clearer view of the racially-motivated practices politicians employed in order to control and incarcerate BIPOC. The racist ideologies and actions of long-deceased politicians still shape our cultural mindset surrounding the cannabis plant today.

We feel it is necessary for all cannabis and cannabis-adjacent businesses to acknowledge and operate with social justice at the forefront.

At Wandering Bud, we will continue to:

-Promote the education of cannabis through our social media and email platforms.
-Support the BIPOC community by collaborating, contracting, and hiring to our team whenever possible.
-Donate monthly to the following equity-oriented organizations:
Kansas City GIFT
Floret Coalition’s rotating organizations

As we continue to further our own knowledge about social justice in the cannabis space, we encourage you to do the same! Below are some resources we trust and support:

Drug Policy Alliance
Last Prisoner Project
Minority Cannabis Business Association
Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses
Latinx-Owned Cannabis Businesses
Indigenous-Owned Cannabis Businesses
Asian-Owned Cannabis Businesses
Broccoli Mag | Weed News

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